Week Two Day Three – Oh No & Shake

I do not feel good today.  Oh my I do not feel good.  I woke up ok but the headache started about 10am. I am cool with it.  I haven’t had any sugar.  All good. But tonight I have been running to the bathroom and having a ‘workout’ there.  Is this a part of the detox?  Is this ok or am I sick.  I feel like crap.

My daughter was home from school today.  We had to do heaps to do,  all around town, including a movie!  Home was good but not as funny as I thought it would be.  I have had two shakes today.  I had no time to eat so I just had a shake.  I know.  This planning thing must happen next week or I am in trouble.  School holidays start.  Oh boy.  How Am I Going To Do It For 2 Weeks?

Ok.  So my task for the rest of the week is to plan for next week.  I am going to plan out my meals.  I think I need to look ahead and change things up.  This week was harder than last week.  I am going to need to put some time into this. I will let you know my eating plan!

Effort needs to be made!  Done. Bring on the rest of the week!


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