Week Two Day Four – Spin Class & No LOSS!

I did my very first spin class tonight!  WOW I did it.  I was slow and my bum hurt so bad, but I did it.  That is one fear off the list.  I really wanted to try it.  Don’t need to do that again! Ba ha ha.

I walked today.   A really long walk.  Our car was being serviced. I called a friend for a coffee catch up but cancelled and walked instead. Go Team Me! Who am I.

I am loving the friends I am making at the Gym.  I didn’t know anyone. Now I have a team of friends.  Liking it.

I am a bit annoyed at the scales.  I haven’t gone down since Monday.  What is with that.  I am working hard here.  You get yourself together scales.

Time for bed.  Spin is hard.  FF tomorrow!  Ouch.


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