Week Four Day Four – Holidays and Easter Eggs

We are well into week 4!  How did that happen?

We have been away.  Camping.  It was not fun.  I love love love camping but with rain, sickness and friends cranky kids, not fun.  I did love sleeping in a tent and hearing the waves crash on the beach and the thunder roll over us.  I love my family.  They are the coolest, kindest, funnest people I know.  I love that I said no.  I said no to hot chips and chocolate and junk.  I did have a little but I said no a lot.

I hate the public showers.  I hate kids that cry and go on & on & on.  I hate that I did no exercise for a week.  I hate that I am going to say… I missed exercise.  Eek.  Who am I?  But I really did miss it.

After being away, I feel lost and off track. My goal is still 1 kg a week over the 12 weeks.  I am not at that yet.  I have to work really really hard to drop my 6kg by week 6!   I can do it.  I can do it. I have to do it.  Fiji is like 69 days away.

I have just planned out my meals for the week.  I need to plan my exercise for the week.  I need to smash it this week.  I can and will smash it.

So I am back to technology and phones and blogging.  I didn’t miss it.

Till tomorrow.


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