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Freaking What! Is everything we have been told wrong?

I have had the biggest challenge to my thinking this week.  Everything that I know about weightloss has been challenged. I have been on a different diet every week for the past 30 years… Well almost!

I have never ever read what I have read this week.  I have never heard it anywhere.  I have been completely shaken by the information presented.

Here we go… Fat is good for you and you need it to lose weight.  What!  In a world of diet foods and low fat everything it is a weird thing even to say.  I always buy low fat… everything and its been making me fat.


It will take a few days to download everything from my brain to here but here is a small start and I will present more information in the next few posts.

LCHF! Have you ever heard of it?  It stands for Low Carbohydrates High Fat.  Yep High Fat.  I know! You may have to sit down and breath deeply.

30 years I have been trying.  I was 10 years old when I was starting to become over weight. I have tried everything.  It has not worked.  Now it is time to try something completely new.  Why not?

In the past, every diet was based on Calories in and Calories out. They might have looked different and focused on different things but in the  end that was always the goal. Fat = Bad.  The lower the fat the better. What has this been doing to our bodies?

Come with me as I really look into LCHF and try it for myself.