Week Three Day One – Not a good weekend.

This has not been a good weekend…. Well. thinking about it, it would normally been good!  I ate off plan and I feel it.  With my daughters birthday party I didn’t eat till 4pm!  No breakfast, no lunch and no snack.  That was the problem.  I did plan to eat but the first chance I got it was 4pm!  I then ate cake.  Yep.  It was good.  Sunday was just a mess.  I ate off plan but I ate ok.  I just feel crap.  Not my plan.  It is now making me worried about camping over Easter.  Will I be about to do it?  We are camping with another family and they are not the best at healthy eating.  I am really stressed out about it.  EEK.

I have planned out my meals.  I have eaten my Goji Super breakfast. FF tonight.  Ok Crave?  Do you want this?