Week Two Day Four – Spin Class & No LOSS!

I did my very first spin class tonight!  WOW I did it.  I was slow and my bum hurt so bad, but I did it.  That is one fear off the list.  I really wanted to try it.  Don’t need to do that again! Ba ha ha.

I walked today.   A really long walk.  Our car was being serviced. I called a friend for a coffee catch up but cancelled and walked instead. Go Team Me! Who am I.

I am loving the friends I am making at the Gym.  I didn’t know anyone. Now I have a team of friends.  Liking it.

I am a bit annoyed at the scales.  I haven’t gone down since Monday.  What is with that.  I am working hard here.  You get yourself together scales.

Time for bed.  Spin is hard.  FF tomorrow!  Ouch.


Week Two Day Three – Oh No & Shake

I do not feel good today.  Oh my I do not feel good.  I woke up ok but the headache started about 10am. I am cool with it.  I haven’t had any sugar.  All good. But tonight I have been running to the bathroom and having a ‘workout’ there.  Is this a part of the detox?  Is this ok or am I sick.  I feel like crap.

My daughter was home from school today.  We had to do heaps to do,  all around town, including a movie!  Home was good but not as funny as I thought it would be.  I have had two shakes today.  I had no time to eat so I just had a shake.  I know.  This planning thing must happen next week or I am in trouble.  School holidays start.  Oh boy.  How Am I Going To Do It For 2 Weeks?

Ok.  So my task for the rest of the week is to plan for next week.  I am going to plan out my meals.  I think I need to look ahead and change things up.  This week was harder than last week.  I am going to need to put some time into this. I will let you know my eating plan!

Effort needs to be made!  Done. Bring on the rest of the week!

Week Two Day Two – Feeling good & rowing hurts

I started feeling good today.  I didn’t fall asleep as soon as I sat down.  Gym was first up today.  I tried the rowing machine.  There was already 5 mins on there and I didn’t have a clue how to reset it so I just kept going.  Well, the lady next to me was really impressed.  I had done 10 mins and was looking fine. Ba ha ha.  She didn’t need to know the truth. 😉 Rowing hurts!  I was thinking it was just rowing but wow that is a workout.

I am just glad I am not so tired all the time. I am hoping this improves in the next coming days.  Energy would be nice.  I am sick of not having life in me. I need it.

Short one today.  I have saved my hot chocolate… well the thing that is closest to hot chocolate… and I am going to catch up on The Good Wife.


Week 2 Day One – Low Low Low & Stir Fry

We have made it to week 2!  I must say that the energy has still not kicked in yet.  Feeling low.  Low and tired.  I am falling asleep as soon as I sit down!  Like within the minute.  That is not me.

I have been slack with the food prep this week.  I can’t go shopping till tomorrow so I am swapping meals around. Tonight I am doing the stir fry with brown rice… In fact the whole family is having brown rice!  EEK.  Lets see how that go’s.  Ha Ha.  It is in the rice cooker now.  Going to make sure it is cooked well.

I am going to the gym tonight.  Mondays are always cray cray so it is hard to get there.  But going after dinner with the Fam Bam.

I jumped on the scales today. Not really happy.  Last week I had last 2kg, now I have only lost .5!  I know that I am holding a bucket of water.  I can see it in my toes!  But still it is not nice.  Going to drink like a crazy person before our weigh in with the pink team on Thursday night.  Sometimes I hate my body and how it works!  Normal people would have lost 5kg by now.  Get it together body!!!

Time to stir fry. XO