Week Two Day Two – Feeling good & rowing hurts

I started feeling good today.  I didn’t fall asleep as soon as I sat down.  Gym was first up today.  I tried the rowing machine.  There was already 5 mins on there and I didn’t have a clue how to reset it so I just kept going.  Well, the lady next to me was really impressed.  I had done 10 mins and was looking fine. Ba ha ha.  She didn’t need to know the truth. 😉 Rowing hurts!  I was thinking it was just rowing but wow that is a workout.

I am just glad I am not so tired all the time. I am hoping this improves in the next coming days.  Energy would be nice.  I am sick of not having life in me. I need it.

Short one today.  I have saved my hot chocolate… well the thing that is closest to hot chocolate… and I am going to catch up on The Good Wife.



Week 2 Day One – Low Low Low & Stir Fry

We have made it to week 2!  I must say that the energy has still not kicked in yet.  Feeling low.  Low and tired.  I am falling asleep as soon as I sit down!  Like within the minute.  That is not me.

I have been slack with the food prep this week.  I can’t go shopping till tomorrow so I am swapping meals around. Tonight I am doing the stir fry with brown rice… In fact the whole family is having brown rice!  EEK.  Lets see how that go’s.  Ha Ha.  It is in the rice cooker now.  Going to make sure it is cooked well.

I am going to the gym tonight.  Mondays are always cray cray so it is hard to get there.  But going after dinner with the Fam Bam.

I jumped on the scales today. Not really happy.  Last week I had last 2kg, now I have only lost .5!  I know that I am holding a bucket of water.  I can see it in my toes!  But still it is not nice.  Going to drink like a crazy person before our weigh in with the pink team on Thursday night.  Sometimes I hate my body and how it works!  Normal people would have lost 5kg by now.  Get it together body!!!

Time to stir fry. XO

Week One Day Six – Wow that hurts & Salt

What is that pain? Oh My Goodness!  That really really hurts.  Every step… up or down, in or out, what … ouch… can’t…AGAIN!

So you might have figured out that my FF workout yesterday has pushed me to my limit… or over it.  I am in so much pain today.  How can this be good?  No, I really want you to answer because I have no answers today.  I can’t do anything!  I felt good yesterday. Today day the only word is crap!  I am starving for the first time this week.  I can’t move.  I still know why I am doing this but I am getting tired.  So very tired.  When does this extra energy kick in?  I have been told about it but I don’t have the faith to believe it yet.

12 weeks.

12 weeks.

A long 12 weeks.

I can do this.  I can do this. I CAN DO THIS.

I am craving salt.  Well, salty food.  Chips.  The joy of that crunch.  I can give up chocolate.  I like it but it’s ok not to have it but chips are my weakness.  I need to give them up for 12 weeks.  I need to break the stronghold they have on my taste buds. I need to forget there goodness and remember there badness.  4

12 weeks

12 weeks

A long 12 weeks.

This challenge is going to shake me to my core.  It is going to bring everything to the table and lay it out for dinner.  I am doing this.


Week One Day Five – First FF & Friday Debrief

Day Five it hits.

I did my first Functional Fit today.  After last nights pink team workout i knew it would be fun. I did enjoy it but it really pushed my limit.  Ouch.  When I got home I couldn’t get out of the car!  My legs wouldn’t lift! Ba ha ha.

I am feeling good.  It’s kinda weird.  I am sore.  I hurt. I feel like I need a sugar hit, but I feel good.  I have no desire to eat junk.  We are going to our schools carnival tonight.  I am bringing salad & popcorn.  I feel great about it.  No problem.  I don’t even feel like I am missing out.

So it is Friday and I thought I would debrief my week and lessons learnt

*Sleep is very very important when losing weight.  When I don”t get enough sleep, I eat junk.  I feel bad.  Sleep is important.

*Organised!  I need to get my meals ready.  Having the ingredients ready to go is not enough.  I need protein balls made and pita chips made.  Sunday will be cooking day.

*I can do more than I think!  I have marked off a few fears.  I have jogged at the gym.  I have done a group fitness class.  I have tried new machines.  What a week.

* This is not a quick fix.  This is going to take years.  I am not getting to goal in 12 weeks.  This is going to be a long process and I am ok with that.

I am looking forward to next week!  Bring on week 2.


Week One Day Four – Flat & Ouch!

So today it hit.  Not the hunger but the flat.  So very flat.  About 4pm I sank.  I had nothing in me.  That is not a good time to flat!  After school and dinner is my busy time.  That can not happen everyday. I may have missed the tuna wrap for lunch and just had a shake but that couldn’t be the reason… could it? I just didn’t feel like tuna or a wrap! I had planned for it, but I just could not do tuna.

My early to bed is not working out.  The first to nights were fantastic!  Last night and not tonight it will be 10.30pm not 9.30pm.  That hour makes a big difference. Life is busy.  With the extra time at the gym I need to get something done elsewhere. I am proud of the fact we haven’t watch any TV all week.  I am going to have a long line of shows to watch on the weekend. It has made life peaceful.  I am enjoying it.

Tonight we had our first Pink Team Training!  We have a great group of 13 girls!  I have over come one fear of training with a group and also jogging at the gym!  I can not believe that I jogged at the gym. I also used a few machines that I have never used before.  I really enjoyed them.  I don’t think this little chicken will have any excuses left after these 12 weeks.

Off to bed.  Good Night


Week One Day Three – Skipping & Number One

I am doing it again!  Skipping, and I am not talking about the jump rope kind.

Whenever I do anything like this I find that I skip meals.  I plan, I eat only off the meal plan but if I am busy, I skip.  I know that I shouldn’t.  I know that it is not good for me.  I know! But life is crazy.  So flipping crazy.  How do you fit it all in?


To answer my own question… Plan ahead.  I need to prep my meals the night before.  I knew you where going to say that.  I have to deal with the reasons why I have to lose weight.  This is one of them.  I would skip meals and then be starving or I would just eat quick junk.  Both are no longer options anymore.  Something will need to change.  Any ideas would be appreciated!


I have noticed one change already.  It is only day three and I am already putting myself first.Which is a first for me.  I am going to bed when I need to, not when everything gets done or the TV show finishes. I need sleep to make it 12 weeks.  I am also making my hubby come home in time for food coaching tonight.  He called saying he will be home just after 7pm as his boss added an extra job.  I told him to tell his boss that he can not do the job as I need to be home at 6.30pm.  I may have used stronger words but the meaning is the same.  Its my time.  I give to everyone but now I am the priority.

I have had to put my foot down a little with my brothers too.  My mum lives with us.  She has Parkinson and has lived here since my Dad passed away 4 years ago.  We are planning a holiday and I have been looking at respite places for her because my brothers have not offered there home.  Today I got foxy and told them to step up.  She shouldn’t have to stay in a home.  She has two sons to look after her.  My family is my priority.  I am my priority.  We need a break.  This is happening.  I am learning to stand up for myself.  I don’t have to go last all the time.


Tonight is food coaching night.  Looking forward to meeting people. Looking forward to learning. Looking forward to my hubby being home on time. 😉



Week One Day Two – Beep Beep & Slip!

I have made it to day two!  If you are also doing this crazy 12 week thing… CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU!

I have to tell you all about yesterday.  I left something out.  I thought it was not a problem.  It might be a small one.  I had a slip.  Not a food slip.  A really slip! This is not me.  I can not ever ever ever remember falling. EVER.  I have know my hubby for 18 years!  He has never seen me fall or slip or anything!

I was rushing.  The floor was wet.  I was down.  Jumped back up.  Quick check.  All good. 🙂 Then I woke up this morning.  What is this pain!  Ouch.  NOOOOOO!  I hate this.  Day ONE! Why?  But I will not let this happen.  I will not let it get to me.  I am eating well and actually enjoying the food!  That is surprising. I am still motivated but with one day rest.  I was planning one rest day a week so this week, its today. Rest is good. Motivation is high.  Feeling really good.  We are ok.  Nobody panic.

The food is tasting better than I was expecting.  The goji berries are great!  My quick breakfast is set.  My daughter is also in on the act. Loving them.  Going to make the No bake ball things now.  I will let you know how they go.

We can do this.